O'Malley Library 100, Alumni Room

4513 Manhattan College Pkwy., Bronx, NY 10471

The Alumni Room is located in room 100 on the 1st floor of O'Malley Library. It is used for lectures, presentations and receptions. 


Upcoming Events

Senate Meeting

Senate Meeting 10/21 3:30pm

Open meeting of the Manhattan College Senate. All students, faculty and administrators are invited to attend. The main topic of discussion will be the...

Jay Moss Sculpture Exhibition

Jay Moss Sculpture Exhibition 10/22 4:00pm

Opening Reception

Dante Seminar

Dante Seminar 11/6 4:00pm


Dante Seminar

Dante Seminar 12/4 4:00pm


CFA Meeting

CFA Meeting 12/9 3:30pm

Council for Faculty Affairs monthly meeting

Recent Events

Dante Seminar 10/2/2014

Senate Meeting 9/16/2014

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